November 8, 2016 Election:

Absentee Voting Hours Mon – Wed 9:00-4:00

Additional Hours: Nov 3rd & 4th 9:00-5:00

Other Important Info: *Last day to absentee vote is Nov. 4th @ 5:00pm.

*There is no registration or absentee voting on the Monday prior to any election! *The Town Hall will be closed on Monday, Nov. 7th in preparation for the election.

*Further Info:

Welcome to Town of Hudson

Situated in Western St. Croix County within 17 miles of the St. Paul/Minneapolis area, the Town of Hudson is ideally located for access to shopping, recreational and employment opportunities while managing to remain a semi-rural suburban haven for families. It’s a great place to live.

Fire Number Safety

Reminder: You must call non emergency dispatch (715) 386-4701 for all burning.  Only a gas or charcoal grill does not require calling dispatch.

2016 Dog Tags are available for purchase.  2015 tags expire 12/31/15

3 ways to purchase

  • In Person (Mon-Wed 9AM-4PM)
  • Mail In
  • Drop in office door slot

Include rabies certificate and proper fees.  $20.00 for Male/Female. $10.00 for Spayed/Neutered.  Must show proof per rabies certificate. Please notify the Town if you no longer have your dog. (715) 386-4263 or  Thank you.

REMINDER: State Law requires all dogs to be licensed

Dog License forms can be found under FORMS/APPLICATIONS


To get election Information:

Absentee Voting Information:

The number of outstanding absentee and provisional ballots for the Town of Hudson will be posted on the St. Croix County website, Town of Hudson website and at the Town Hall on Election Night.

Election: August 9, 2016

Outstanding absentee ballots:      28          Outstanding provisional ballots:   0

Town of Hudson First Responders

Looking for a way to give back to your community?  Did you know that the Town of Hudson, in partnership with St.Croix EMS, has a First Responder program that helps reduce the gap between a 911 call and the arrival of the ambulance?  First Responders live in the rural areas and respond to medical emergencies directly from their homes.  They are equipped with basic life saving supplies and a defibrillator.  First Responders usually arrive on the scene within minutes of the call and begin to provide medical care while awaiting the arrival of the ambulance.

If this sounds interesting to you, the Town of Hudson is currently recruiting First Responders and EMT’s.  Classes are held various times during the year at local campuses (CVTC,WITC, Century College or we will do an in-house class).  They are usually 1-2 evening per week and last for a few months.  Once your training is complete, the requirements are to attend a monthly staff meeting/training held at the EMS station on the second Tuesday of every month from 6:00 to 10:00 PM.

If you have any questions or want to know more information about the Town’s First Responder program, Please contact Kim Eby @ (715) 386-4778 or email @

All Taxes Must Be Paid to:

St. Croix County Treasurer

1101 Carmichael Road

Hudson, WI 54016

For Important Tax Information Click on Financial Information

PUSHING SNOW OR OTHER MATERIALS ONTO OR ACROSS HIGHWAYS FROM PRIVATE DRIVEWAYS CAN CAUSE ACCIDENTS AND INJURY, AND IS PROHIBITED BY WISCONSIN §86.01, §86.07, §346.94(5), AND/OR §346.95.  Doing so may create potential safety concerns for the traveling public and may impede the snow and ice removal process.  Furthermore, snow shall not be stored in any manner, which will obstruct or limit vehicular or pedestrian vision, movement, or access.

Sections 17.60of the St. Croix County Code of Ordinances and Wisconsin §86.191 prohibit obstruction of vision clearance triangles at intersections.  Placing mailboxes away from driveways and intersections helps to avoid vision restricting snow banks in late winter, and helps to avoid damage to your mailbox.  The nearest part of your mailbox should not be closer to traffic than the shoulder line, with box and base strong enough to withstand wind, flying snow and slush from traffic and snowplows.  It is also important that residents keep their mailboxes clear of snow and visible.

Avoid penalty and liability, and cooperate towards safer highways.  The life you save may be your own.  St. Croix County Highway Department, St. Croix County Towns & Villages cooperate with the County Sheriff’s Office, and the County Highway Safety Commission to enforce these laws.